Welcome to my new Blog

Welcome to my Blog.
My Blog is mostly about my hobbies, ie Model boats,Cross Stitch, Gardening, Days out and about and Photography with pictures taken at and around our Model Boat club at Etherow Country Park, where I can be found quite a few days a week on the landing stage, you might recognize the hat and the dog rather than me. My models and other hobbies can be found in the tabs at the top above the header picture.
There will also be entries of days out with my long haired Chihuahua "Pepe", weather permitting of course.

Monday, 21 September 2015

Catch up!.

Catch up!.

Heavy rain today!!, so after a light lunch at the Cafe Etherow, decided to head off home via the barbers!, can't look too scruffy with Sister Babs visiting from Australia with Brother-in-Law Bryan.
Not seen them for a few years so it will be a nice reunion for me and Marjorie!.
Visited the Debdale Carnival earlier this month and there was a farmer there with Miniature Goats, hens, geese and Lambs so Pepe was right at home being used to them at Etherow!, but best of all were these beautiful Alpacas!

The chap said he was diversifying and hoping to get a flock of about 30, I asked him what for and he said the wool got a good price and he would be Abell to sell the odd baby to people with big gardens as pets and who wouldn't want one of these as a pet!.
How cute hey.

"Do they spit like llama's" said I not wanting an eye full, "No" said the chap, "just don't go near their head, just stroke their necks" so forewarned I just had a stroke and kept Pepe at bay, I don't think even he could eat a full one!, their coats were really soft!.

There was also a stand for the Belle Vue Aces, did you know that there is a new stadium being built at the side of the present venue, (The Greyhound track) due to be opened in March of next year (2016)

 Brings back memories of Saturday nights there, with fish and chips on the way home.

Another visit for a place long overdue was a trip to Reddish Vale country park,
Inside the visitors centre, Dog friendly and Tea & Coffee only 60p!, if you want a meal there is a tearooms with a good menu, but you can only take your dog into the outside area and there is no canopies if its raining  
Pepe likes it, nice and bright and the staff very nice too!

 He thought the walks were nice too, even dogs like a change of scenery don't they?.

Bargain of the month this month is the new cordless Dyson vac, you must have seen it on the Telly recently, not that the price was a bargain but it was the power of it and the convenience too, just lift it off the charging station and whip round a couple of rooms and stick it back on the wall, ten minute job and no heavy lugging about not much heavier that a large electric drill.

Does what it says on the box!.

Mate, Bob the Abell didn't like the cable coiled like that!, so it's been changed since!, in the box room/work shop so very handy to tidy up there as well.

The three floor attachments all have motors in them as well as the main one in the main body, very powerful!.
On the photographic front, saw a lot of bee's on this plant in the Daisy Nook garden centre on our last visit there and thought we are having one of those each, got to help the bees, they are struggling the same as us aren't they!.

Took this Bluebottle on it at home.

Then this Bee.

This was with my Iphone, don't need to carry a camera round these days, unless you want to zoom into anything that is.

 Bob and his good lady Joyce with Pepe and I visited the Andrew Arms this past week after a pleasant sail on the lake, its just round the corner from the lake and under new management, they are dog friendly and there was this little miniature Dachshund running around,
Had his dragon suit on, very cute!.

 At dinner this Sunday at John's, there were the usual Cockerpoo's Jessie and Max to give Pepe something to think about. 

Where are they, don't want them stomping on me!

And the usual Missionaries were there for dinner, hopefully someone is doing the same for my Grandson in Cyprus on his mission.
This week the one on the left is from Uganda and the one on the right is from Zimbabwe, nice guys and seems strange since we were sending missionaries to Africa years ago!.  


Which brings me to the joke of the week, 

The family in the tribe were sat having dinner and one of the children said "I don't like the missionary" Mummy, and Mummy said "well leave him and eat your vegetables".

That's all for now folks   



Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Bank Holiday August 2015.

Bank Holiday August 2015.
As per usual the August Bank holiday was wet and damp.
Still got in a few walks with Pepe round the lake and  Park.
Spotted these two young men that had just caught a nice big carp.

Turned out to be 10.5 lbs in weight
Nice to meet a couple of nice young men, got out of the car that morning and discovered a dozen or so of those miniature silver containers, I was told by one person that they were for air guns, but then another person said they were used by youngsters to get high!!, what a sad world we are becoming that some youngsters have to resort to that kind of thing these days!.

On the Saturday there was a Family Fun Day for the Pre school children run by the volunteer rangers, one of which told me that the council wanted £20 for the use of the field, What do we get for our Rates then??.

Insect box made by the Young Rangers group.

And a bigger version!.

 This little fellow couldn't find a bigger stick could he!.

Plenty of people dodging the showers, it made the blinds at the Cafe look very inviting!.
Not many sailing on the lake.

 There I was thinking that Starling speckled feathers was so you couldn't see them in the trees, nearly missed this one set against the flagstones in Hyde Market right under my seat!.

 Out and about, Mate Bob sent me this good picture in his garden Mr Fox dining out with Mr Hedgehog the other night.

On Sunday Son John gave me this great boat he had scratchbuilt a couple of years ago, sell it and give the money to a charity he said!, sold it and now just have to find a charity to help with their good works, Thanks John!!.

 On the plant front, got another nice flower on my Hoya Cardosa, (Wax Plant) the only trouble is they only last a few days, still I have got it flowering!.

If God wanted us to go metric, surely he would have appointed ten apostles!.

Adam was the only married man not to have a Mother- in-law, and he lived in paradise!.

There was this fellow that gave his wife a complete mink outfit!, a 12 bore shotgun and some traps!

We were so poor that when the wolf came to the door we ate it!.

Its the way I tell em.

That's all for now folks.